Our Residential Services

We understand that a home is more than just a major asset, but that it’s also a place of shelter, a sanctuary, a place where memories are made.

One of the benefits of using Baywall Painting is the experience and knowledge that we possess. Being in the business since 1959 gives us the ability to assess every project and solve any problems or challenges.


We take into account certain expectations homeowners have when they allow any contractor into their home: that the job will be done correctly, will be finished as discussed, and potential problems dealt with. We treat each home with the utmost respect, and deliver results that are as beautiful as expected. At Baywall Painting we believe that there are several key components to a beautiful paint job. For example, proper and thorough prep work paired with using the correct primer and paint/stain. This ensures that the paints durability, color retention, and longevity is maximized to its full potential. Communication and cleanliness are two other key components to a beautiful paint job. Our goal is to leave the area in which we’re painting cleaner than when we arrived. We take the time to make sure that all exposed surfaces are covered and spend the end of every day cleaning up. Having good communication with our customers helps us make the painting process as smooth as possible, reducing any inconvenience to a minimum.

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On exterior work, all the surfaces being painted must be washed with a detergent solution and rinsed with a power washer or garden hose to remove all stains, mildew and other contaminants that can interfere with proper adhesion. When we come out to bid exterior work, one of the first things we do is to identify any problems or issues that are evident and explain our solutions to addressing them. At the start of every exterior project we communicate where we’ll be working and our schedule. We also take tremendous care in working around and not damaging any plants that are in the area where work is taking place.

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Refinish & Cabinetry

An excellent way to modernize and upgrade the look of any kitchen is to refinish the cabinetry. There are a wide variety of products, finishes and colors to choose from. There are several benefits to refinishing cabinets. For instance, you’ll save a substantial amount of money on refinishing cabinets rather then replacing them with new ones, while at the same time increasing the home’s value. Also, there’s minimal inconvenience during the work and it won’t disrupt the kitchen which can still be used during the project. Another benefit is that it’s less time-consuming than replacing them.

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Deck & Patio

The benefits of staining/sealing a deck are that it helps resist the elements, offers superior protection from water and sun damage, enhances the texture and grain of the wood surface, resists mildew growth, and expands and preserves its lifespan. It also will enrich and beautify your wood deck and/or patio. We are well versed in the process of cleaning/stripping and staining/sealing a wide range of decking surfaces. Our first step is to identify the type of wood used. This is because each type of wood has different preparation needs. Knowing how each type of wood needs to be prepared (cleaned/stripped and moisture level) plays a major role in the final result. For this reason, great care is taken into the prep phase to ensure that the wood isn’t damaged (i.e. wand marks, raised grains or scars etc.) The second step is to identify what finish and product was used on the wood previously. This also helps us in the prep phase. Choosing the correct stain for the type of decking wood and environment is very important. We possess years of experience to handle all manner of different kinds of decking/staining projects.

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Garage/ Concrete Coating (Epoxy)

Whether it’s for your garage, basement, workshop or commercial space, epoxy coating gives concrete an unparalleled durability, look and finish. The benefits of epoxy coatings include moisture protection, superior resistance to chemicals and abrasions/impact, hiding minor cracks and imperfections, a show-room quality finish and heat resistance up to 350 degrees. Epoxy coatings are also very easy to clean because the dirt and contaminants remain on the surface. The first thing we do when we bid an epoxy coating job is to evaluate the concrete. We check it’s current condition and the surrounding environment in order to recommend the proper product. Thorough preparation is essential to a successful application. Taking the time to make sure that the surface/substrate is properly prepared will yield the best possible outcome. The concrete must be structurally sound, dry and free of any grease, oil or other containments and the surface laitance must be removed. For grease that isn’t visible, we mist water on the surface and if the water beads up then containments are present. It should be noted that surface preparation is achieved by abrasive blasting or scarification and specialty degreasers. Patch work is done where necessary. Before any epoxy is applied, the raising moisture vapor rate and/or pH level and temperature is checked to ensure it meets the manufacturers specifications.

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Taping/ Compounding

Proper procedures leads to a level painting surfaces. Knowing how to lay down compound properly and using the correct compound for each stage as well as proper sanding ensures the best surface to be painted on.

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Sheetrock Repair/ Installation

Here at Baywall Painting one of the many services that we provide is sheetrock repair and or installation. This project on it self can be messy with all the sheet rock cutting and sanding in-between coats of compounds but we make sure that this isn’t the case with our sheet-rocking projects.

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