Our Services

Baywall Painting offers many services in the Paint, Specialty Plaster and Decorative/Protective Finishing fields; some of which are listed below. This is just a general indication of what we offer. Please contact us to discuss the unique requirements of your project.

Interior Painting

Here at Baywall Painting we take into account certain expectations that homeowners have when they allow any contractor into their home; that the job will be done correctly, will be finished as discussed, and potential problem to deal with. We treat each home with the utmost respect and deliver results that are as beautiful as expected.

There are several key components to a beautiful paint job. Understanding the substrates being coated, proper and thorough prep work, using the correct primer and paints. These factors helps ensures that paints durability, color retention and longevity is maximized to its full potential.

Communication and cleanliness and two other key components to beautiful paint job. Our goal is to leave the area in which we’re painting cleaner than when we arrived. We take the time to make sure all the exposed surfaces are covered and spend the end of every day cleaning up.

Having a good communication with our customers helps us make the painting process as smooth as possible, reducing any inconvenience to a minimum.

Exterior Painting

For exterior work, we deliver the highest quality results in order to provide the final product you can be proud of. Painting your home helps maintain the value of your investment. It provides curb, personal and finical appeal.

Through prep work for exterior work is key and all preparation stages are comprehensive and completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. All exterior surfaces being painted must be washed with e detergent/cleaner solution in order to remove mildew and other contaminants that can interfere with the final outcome.

At the start of over every exterior painting project we communicate with the homeowner where we’ll be working and our work schedule. We believe a good open communication helps to ensure a tremendous paint job. We also take great care in working around and not damaging any plants that are in the working area.

Refinishing Cabinetry

An excellent way to modernize and upgrade the look of any kitchen is to refinish the cabinetry. There’s a wide variety of products, finishes and colors to choose from!

There’s also several other benefits to refinishing kitchen cabinetry or any cabinetry. For instance, you’ll be saving substantial amount of money of refinishing cabinetry rather than replacing them. Refinishing also is a fraction of the price and duration or replacing cabinetry. There’s minimal inconvenience during the refinishing project and it won’t disrupt the kitchen – which can still be used during the refinishing project.

Epoxy Flooring

Whether for your garage, basement, workshop or commercial space; epoxy coating gives your concrete unparalleled durability as well as look and finish. There’s multiple benefits to epoxy coatings, such as; moisture protection, superior resistant to chemical spills, abrasions/impacts, heat resistance up to 350 degrees, hides minor cracks and imperfections. The end results is a show-room quality finish that you can be proud of.

Before we start any epoch job we first evaluate the concrete/substrate. Checking its current condition and taking into account the surrounding environment. This way we can recommend the proper product(s) to use.

Like all of the services we provide, thorough preparation is essential to a successful application and outcome. Taking the time to make sure the surface is properly prepped will yield the best results. For example, the surface must be structurally sound, dry and free or any condiments and or grease/oil. For grease that isn’t visible we mist the surface with water and area that bead up indicates that there’s still grease or oil present.

It should also be noted that surface preparation is achieved by scarification with a diamond grinder. Patch is done where necessary prior to laying down epoxy or epoxy primer.Flo

Staining, Clear Coating, Polyurethane

One of the main reasons for applying any finish to wood surfaces is to seal the wood. This is done in order to prevent moisture from entering the grain as well as protect it from heat, uv rays, scratches and other outsides variables. Another goal is to enhance the woods appliance, this is done by adding color, shading, contrast or even changing of the texture. Staining is among one of the options when finishing wood substrates.

Stains are used to change the color and or shade of the wood. Some other benefits of stains are; highlighting the grains, lightening/darkening the natural tones and or changing them all together.

Typically stains are applied first followed by coat(s) of varnish/polyurethane since stains itself isn’t a sealer but a colorant. Some products are stains and varnish/poly in one.

Sheetrock Repair/ Installation

Here at Baywall Painting one of the many services that we provide is sheetrock repair and or installation. This project on it self can be messy with all the sheet rock cutting and sanding in-between coats of compounds but we make sure that this isn’t the case with our sheet-rocking projects. Not only do we cover everything in the work area but the sanding machines we use have built in dust extraction ensuring minimal dust while sanding!

Taping/ Compounding

Proper procedures leads to a level painting surfaces. Knowing how to lay down compound properly and using the correct compound for each stage as well as proper sanding ensures the best surface to be painted on.

Power Washing

Power washing is a critical step for exterior painting. It cleans the surfaces as well as removes any and all contaminants that will mess with the final outcome. Power washing also help to brighten up homes, especially vinyl siding homes. This is a quick process to making your home more appealing.

Before any power washing job we assess what’s to be done and what products are to be used, if we aren’t painting and just cleaning then we won’t use any products that have caustic ingredients that will burnish the existing finish. All of the products we use are environmentally friendly.

Wallpaper Removal

The wall paper that’s up in your hallways or sitting room might have been all the rage when it was installed but now it’s doesn’t have the same feel and is more a drab and has to go.

Wall paper removal is relatively simply and is a solution to when you are unable to paint over the existing wall covering, wether is because of wall paper adhesion problems and to the type/texture of existing wall covering. At Baywall painting not only do we have all the proper materials to achieve this project but we also have the knowledge and experience to perform this service in the least messiest way possible.